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This page includes various articles and videos organized under the three categories shown below. The articles and videos are short and easy to read. Articles are less than one page, videos are eight minutes or less. Please also look for the youtube channel links at the top of the page (I have 2 channels/links). I welcome you to write me through the contact page if you have any topics you would like me to cover or if you have any questions.

Tax Topics

This category covers miscellaneous tax topics. I typically choose subjects that are current issues or new tax law. 

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New Easy Home Office Deduction 

Email and Phone Scams

W2s vs 1099-Misc Income 

What to do with 1099-C 

Splitting Child Tax Benefits-Video

Splitting Child Tax Benefits-Article 

Injured vs Innocent Spouse

1120H–Homeowner’s Association 

Affordable Care Act 

Back Taxes

This section includes information about filing back taxes and what happens if you have not filed for a number of years. 

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Solace for the Non Filer

IRS Statutes of Limitations 

IRS Offer In Compromise

Ways to Pay the IRS 

Audit Help

This group of articles/videos is about audits and examples of audit situations I encounter. 

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My Plea: Let me see your IRS letter!

I Saved My Clients $368

IRS has a time limit to audit you