Income tax preparation

including all states. 

If you are behind, I am able to prepare multiple back years of returns to help you catch up. 

IRS letters

rest easy, you may not owe that much!

The  most common IRS audit is done through letters. If you receive a letter from the IRS saying you owe additional taxes, please let a professional review the letter and tax return. The majority of the time, you do not owe the amount listed in the letter. For example, one client received a letter from the IRS saying they owed $1249. When I calculated their information, they only owed $832. These savings more than paid for my services. So please, let me help you keep your money!

other audits

rest easy, i can represent you!

I can also help you with state audit letters and face-to-face IRS audits. Please know you have a right to representation and you can assert that right when confronted by an IRS or State representative, even with audit letters. You do not have to answer questions without representation.

rest easy plan

A no-fault 3-year promise to assist!

The Rest Easy Plan is like an extended service policy on your tax return. It’s $38, is good for three years after you file the tax return, and provides you with my time at no additional cost if you need me to amend the return for some reason or the IRS sends you a letter regarding something on the return. You are under no obligation to purchase this service with your tax return. Click here and watch the video below to learn more about the plan. 

e-filing & direct deposit

these are free services!

I am authorized to e-file your income tax returns to the IRS and/or all the States. I am also able to have your refund direct deposited into your bank account(s). I do not charge additional fees for these services. 

fees taken out of refund & receiving refund on debit cards

these options cost extra.

If you want to have your income tax preparation fees taken from your refund OR you do not have a bank account OR you simply don’t want to give your bank account information to the IRS or State, I am affiliated with a bank that offers these services for an additional fee. 

If you want tax preparation fees taken from your refund, the remainder of your refund can be direct deposited into your account or loaded on a debit card. 

You can also have your refund loaded on a debit card if you don’t have a bank account or don’t want to give out your banking information. The IRS takes 5-6 weeks to mail a check, but with this service, you’ll get your refund within 8-21 business days.